About Us

From our perspective, nonprofits are real-life champions working every day to plug the holes in society that people and problems tend to slip through. The work they do is vitally important and invaluable. Our mission is to support these noble efforts by providing cutting edge social, mobile and campaign management tools at nonprofit rates.

At Palindrome Advisors, we use a two-pronged approach to change the nonprofit landscape. First, we leverage the power of social and mobile media platforms to support nonprofits in their efforts to raise visibility, build community and increase funding. Second, we give nonprofits access to the power of exclusive “hubs."
Currently, very few nonprofit organizations effectively use social and mobile media to further their causes. The digital and mobile world is exploding; every day there are new devices, websites, and ways to reach consumers. Given the constant changes and constraints of time and human resources, most nonprofits are not in a position to think strategically about using virtual networks to connect more closely with their constituents.

Nonprofits need a robust group of supporters in order to deliver on their missions but they have little access to leaders of industry. Palindrome gives them this access, leading to the exponential growth of their network. Palindrome helps its partners progress from analog to digital to social to mobile, and in the process, grow strong communities of followers and benefactors.

Why Palindrome Advisors?

Palindrome provides support to nonprofits through consulting, technology assistance, and networking. We have developed a “hub” of companies and individuals willing to support nonprofits as they build their social network by offering their services at reduced rates or pro bono. “Hubs” includes areas such as technology, mobile, media/advertising, pr firms/press, product sponsorship, vc/finance, sports, and entertainment.

Nonprofits interested in investing in social and mobile media and the services we offer submit an application, available online at our website. We review applications on a quarterly basis and select a small group of nonprofit partners for our program. Selection is based on maturity and readiness to engage and commit to moving to the digital and mobile world.

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