Palindrome Hubs: A New Way to Serve the Nonprofit Community 


Palindrome “HUBS”: an exclusive network of organizations and individuals committed to supporting nonprofits with their time and skill set. You have been chosen because you are an industry leader and your commitment to defining the shape of your organization is invaluable to the nonprofit sector. We want to break away from the old model where you get hit with donations from 10 charities a year. While money is essential for nonprofits, they also greatly benefit from access to industry leaders and innovators (like you).

Palindrome (also a non-profit 501c3) gives you a unique way to choose what causes you want to get involved in. You tell us what issues keep you up at night and we will find the nonprofits that are most suited to help the causes you care about. With the aid of our built-in networks and our access to technology and social media, we will equip these nonprofits with the right tools to deliver their message and drive support.

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